2024 Head Stella Black Women's Snowboard Package+Binding+BOA Boots

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2024 HEAD Stella Snowboard

With a true twin shape, playful flat rocker profile, and easy-going flex the STELLA opens up the fun-packed world of freestyling to beginner and intermediate girls. Promising a mellow, catch-free ride and a lightweight, durable build the STELLA makes climbing the freestyle curb easy.


2024 HEAD FX Fay 1 Women's Snowboard Bindings

The FX FAY I LYT is an easy-to-use, solid binding with a great fit and performance. Easy handling and perfect fit guarantee hours of fun in any terrain, while being easy on the budget at the same time. With its forgiving flex, the FX FAY I LYT is designed for all riding levels and terrains and will be a great companion for a long time.


Head Coral BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots

The Coral Boa is a ladies dream. Whether you are new to the sport or love a soft flexing boot, the Coral is built with quality materials for optimal performance. The easy to adjust boa system makes getting a tailor fit a breeze. Pair that with the comfort cuff, for added flex on the medial side of the boot and you got yourself an amazing boot at a great price! Exclusively made for Level 9, this sleek black boot features purple ascents that adds the feminine touch. You’re feet will be smiling all day with the Coral from Head.